John Hannah

John Hannah

The Background

Pastor John F. Hannah is a husband, pastor, speaker, and author who’s impacted thousands of lives through his ministry, prayer, and dedication to service. The foundation for his pastoral passion is rooted in his love for urban youth and teaching others how to grow their relationship with God through prayer. He began his career as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Chicago’s Cook County and eventually transitioned into serving as a youth pastor at a local church for many years. It was during these times that opportunities developed, leading John to perfect the calling for his destiny as the shepherd of a remarkable organization that would become New Life.
Today, John F. Hannah is the founder and lead pastor of New Life Covenant Church Southeast, a non-denominational, multicultural church on the Southside of Chicago. Presently, the church has grown to more than 20,000 members, including online membership. While the numbers suggest a megachurch sized atmosphere, the spirit of the house and its members promote a family environment, committed to serving God and the community.

If you make the foundation prayer, you will see miracles, signs, and wonders!



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